John Berger (writing about Giorgio Morandi)


John ~Berger

One has to imagine the world as a sheet of paper and a creator’s hand drawing, trying out objects which don’t yet exist. Traces are not only what is left when something has gone, they can also be marks for a project, of something to come. The visible begins with light. And as soon as there is light there is shade. The hand draws shadows on the white of the paper. All drawing is a shadow around light.


The marks weave together, quiver, alternate. And slowly the eye registers and reads the unrepeatable pattern of a particular branch  of leaves trembling in front of a particular sunlit wall.

In other words, the objects he paints can be bought  in no flea market. They are not objects. They are places (everything has its place), places where some little thing is coming into being.” ~ excerpt from  ‘Giorgio Morandi‘ (for Gianni Celati) from John BergerThe Shape of a Pocket, page 144 – 145

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