Diary of a painting – Paul Galyer



Titanium white, cadmium lemon, yellow ochre, alizarin crimson, burnt umber and thalo blue were the colors used. For quite a few years I only tend to use four or five colors for pretty much any painting and use Griffin alkyds. At the time I was reading Book 4 by Aleister Crowley along with a few other related bits and pieces. Have not been listening to music so much for a while ( tend to have musical phases and quiet ones as at the present ) ,I have though listened to some Mozart as its been played lot on some radio stations recently being the 225th anniversary of his death. Have not watched much in the way of films recently and rarely watch TV I’m quite underwhelmed by our so called culture, have passed from disaffected youth to jaded middle age. My involvement with the world of painting is much less now my local gallery is gone plus spending to much time doing a shitty minimum wage job. The painting being completed in the time left available from this and with much bigger gaps between sessions, less time to think on it as well of course and a quite different attitude this brings. I don’t feel such need to see more painting now as Ive seen plenty in recent years and think to step away for a while and just see what comes of its self. That after all was how I used to be, just painting as and when I wish.
I think this perhaps more true to the spirit of art than all this professional bollocks.

Paul Galyer


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