South Coasters Embrace The North @ Old Lockup Studio


I will be showing Bloom, 2014, from 30th July until 1st August, at the Old Lockup Studio in the ‘South Coasters Embrace The North’ show.

Participating Artists include: Rachael Pinks, Martin Heron, Matt Rowe, Paddy Hamilton, Helen Gillilan, Terry Greene, Ol’ Schofield, Vinca Brown, Andrew Ashton, Fraser + Karen Donachie, Marc Christmas, Dead Gull A. K. A. Martin ‘The fish’, James Marsh, Gregory Dunn A. K. A. ‘Stoney butter’, Gareth Simmons A.K.A. (Budgie).

Work will include film, photography, prints, painting, ceramics, photo-books and installations.

The Old Lock Up Studio


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