Katrin Maeurich on colour, paint and painting

Katrin Maeurich; colour, paint and painting

“I use acrylics, sometimes in combination with pastels (hard and soft) and I paint on plywood. I never prime the wood – the surface texture, grain and irregularities become an important part of the painting process and nearly always remain visible components of the finished paintings. After I have cut the wood to shape (the initial outer shape is always my starting point) I prepare the surface by sanding and usually (not always) varnishing it.
I am not particular about the brand of paint I use as long as it doesn’t change hue or fade over time. I work with Golden, Lukas, Daler Rowney, Liquitex… Occasionally I use mediums to extend drying times or add some body or texture. My staple colours are zinc, mars, raw sienna, burnt umber, cadmium yellow and red, cobalt and ultramarine – I just mix from that.

I work step by step and every move is carefully considered in the context of what I see developing in front of me. When I paint I build an imaginary space or landscape which sometimes holds objects or one object, sometimes remain empty like a stage set. My paintings are not completely abstract in that they are not purely self-referential or about painting alone. Compositionally I am interested in ambiguity and a sense of not being able to settle or fully grasp what exactly i’m looking at; aesthetically I want to maintain lightness and simplicity and avoid any sort of dazzle or gimmickry. So that is my Gratwanderung: too much or too little of either will not necessarily mean that the painting is bad but it has not met my own standard – it doesn’t rock my world. In that sense most paintings on my website are good enough for me not to sand them back and paint over them but only some of them I regard as successful.” ~Katrin Maeurich

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  1. really interested to read Katrin’s description of her process – and very much enjoyed looking at her paintings on her website. thankyou

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