John Berger, ‘Face’



John Berger, photograph by Jean Mohr?

“Face. Whatever the painter is looking for, he’s looking for it’s face. All the search and the losing and the re-finding is about that, isn’t it? And ‘its face’ means what? He’s looking for its return gaze and he’s looking for its expression – a slight sign of its inner life. And this is true whether he’s painting a cherry, a bicycle wheel, a blue rectangle, a carcass, a river, a bush, a bull or his own reflection in a mirror.” ~ excerpt from  ‘Studio Talk’ (for Miquel Barcelo) from John BergerThe Shape of a Pocket, page 27 – 28





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    I keep thinking about John Berger’s words. This is from Terry Greene’s blog Just Another Painter. He does all the work, finding interesting artists for me to check out. Thank you, Terry!
    How do you interpret John Berger’s words? How does it relate to you and what you are doing?

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