drawing TG_P1110436, by Terry Greene

6 thoughts on “Drawing

  1. I think we see even more about our painting when we put it up here on the screen with the computer light. I like to see this because I am an oil painter wanting to change to acrylic . This painting doesn’t look plastic like so many acrylic paintings do. guess thats because this one is thin like a watercolor.

  2. ok there I called it a painting and you called it a drawing – interesting. whatever intention the artist has – anything goes now.

  3. I think the publishing of a drawing or painting up on here is an important process for me (and perhaps for you also Carla?) in that it’s a statement – the work is finished and (sort of) leaves the studio. I would be interested to hear why you are changing from oil to acrylic.

  4. Hi Terry
    I totally agree. I think by putting your work out there for the public to see you have completed the cycle of your piece. The process for me is what it’s mostly all about, but I like the idea of getting it out there – not just stacked up in the studio. I love the butteriness of oils,but it is toxic so I really shouldn’t use it.No one knows where it came from but I am recovering from surgery and radiation for throat and neck cancer.So it’s seems sort of stupid to breathe turpentine. I’m thinking of using the new oils that are water soluble. Do you know anything about these oils?

  5. I have not explored the water-based oils but i’ve heard good things. I would just like to wish.you a speedy recovery. All thr best. Tx

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